About Us

We have been dealing with chicken products since 2008.

We are getting stronger and stronger everyday in chicken meat sector.

Banbey means “selected product”. We are offering best quality chicken meat from our slaughterhouse and by selecting from everywhere of Turkey, then we compile all under Banbey brand.

We are raising our targets every year and providing sustainable growth through our strong and reliable relationships not with only customers but with our suppliers, manufacturers and each part of our team.

We know our responsibility to life, nature and new generations. With this sense of responsibility we control hygiene applications and make our selections accordingly.

“Top quality” is the lifestyle of Banbey brand which is demanded from both domestic and international markets.

Banbey is not only a brand of chicken, in the same time it is a brand of support. When you get in touch with us, we provide you the best alternatives as per your request. We made the goods to be on the right place and at the right time through correct loading schedules. We will be glad to help you to use the time well.

What happens when you request us?

The chickens who arrive required weight by growing up in high biosafety yards under proper conditions like proper lighting and air conditioning are picked up from farms.
These chickens are taken to slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouses are Halal Certificated. Cutting process is made in accordance with hygiene standards.
Preparing / Packing
BANBEY prepares and packs the chickens processed in both its own slaughterhouse and other houses, specially selected for its customers.
The products are being prepared for dispatching by cooling or freezing at proper degree, according to customer request and delivery conditions.
The goods are being dispatched to the customers safely by protecting cold chain.