Chicken meat is one of the most consumed meat products in whole world as it contains high protein, but there are different protein values in each part of chicken. Here we would like to share them with you.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast contains approximately 30 gr. protein in each 100 gr. Also 100 gr. chicken breast give 165 calories which means 80% of calories based on protein and 20% based on fat. As a result of this values, everybody can consume it conveniently.

Chicken Leg

Approximately 26 gr. protein is available in skinless chicken leg, gives 209 calories. Color of leg is darker than breast. The reason is muscles in legs. These hardworking muscles has myoglobin which provides oxygen to muscles. These part of chicken found more delicious by most people.

Chicken Wings

Skinless and boneless 100 gr. chicken wings consist approximately 30 gr. protein and 203 calories. But chicken wings are mostly consumed with skin. So lets check the values of wings with skin… It gives 291 calories (100 gr.) and 39% of these calories are based on protein.

Also we would like to share here approximately nutrition values of roasted whole chicken (for 100 gr.);

Calories (kcal) 239

Total Fat 14 g

  • Saturated Fat 3,8 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 3 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat 5 g

Cholesterol 88 mg

Sodium 82 mg

Potassium 223 mg

Carbohydrate 0 g

  • Dietary fiber 0 g
  • Sugar 0 g

Protein 30 g